SEO Link Monster Bonus – we review the best bonuses!

bankers bonus

Bankers get their bonuses - why shouldn't you?

So you want an SEO Link Monster bonus? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be looking at all the major bonuses being offered by the IM gurus so you can decide which one you think is the best. If there’s anything I’ve missed you can add it to the comments section. So, without further ado let’s get examining those bonuses:

  1. CashReview are offering a “6 figure super affiliate training program” and have a video explaining it all (although at the time of writing that’s not been uploaded yet)
  2. Next up we have who is offering a few items together in one big bonus package. He’s got three PLR looking things called “Traffic Generation Profits”, “Backlink Flood” and “Traffic Explosion Secrets” … hmmmmm … a bit “meh” in my opinion. PLR is usually rubbish, isn’t it? He’s also got a couple of coupons for 2 weeks free access to My Article Network and SEO Link Vine. Could be useful. And he also has a secret bonus relating to “The Leading Articles”. Why can’t he say what it is? Who knows. Could be interesting though.

    traffic generation profits bonus

    traffic generation profits PLR - meh

  3. The next bonus we’ll be examining is from What does he have to offer? Firstly he’s offering a one on one session through Skype or MSN where he’ll take you through the exact process he uses to rank site in the top 10. At the time of writing he is in 10th position for the “SEO Link Monster Bonus” keyword term, so it could well be that he’s got some useful advice to give. You can also email him with your questions. Secondly, he’ll hand over his personal collection of over 200,000 PLR articles (meh). Thirdly, he’ll give you a course on how to build a list.

    skype consultation as an SEO Link Monster bonus!

    A skype consultation - great!

  4. Moving on, we have the guys from Their SEO Link Monster bonus something a bit different – a multi tiered link wheel, which he claims sells for over $200. The guys selling link wheels over in the wickedfire forums might disagree with him on that price point, but nevertheless it’s an interesting offer.

    link wheel SEO Link Monster bonus

    Link Wheels - do they work?

  5. Next up we have and their bonus offering. These guys have even prepared a special landing page for their bonus ( which is quite fun. It’s another SEO package and seems to be a reasonable offering, with a more realistic price estimate.
    seo link monster bonus

    Is this true?

  6. Finally, we’ve got He’s got a mammoth bonus package, or so he says. What does it consist of? Well, the first part is a submission of 50 articles into his own private blog network. He’s got his own blog network that numbers 50 sites and he’ll write articles for you, add your link, and submit away! Sounds good, and I haven’t seen anyone else offering that. Secondly, you’ll get his email address and access to his “inner circle” — ooo — which means you’ll be able to talk to him directly about SEO and money making. Thirdly – you’ll get his email address and can consult with him as much as you want over email. Hang on, isn’t that the same as inner circle access?

That’s it for the moment for my rundown of the best in the world of the SEO Link Monster bonus. Which one is the best? I can’t say for sure, I’m still undecided. One thing is for sure though – if you’re considering signing up with SEO Link Monster you don’t want to miss out on a bonus - after all, it’s free! If you find information about any other bonuses, please add it to the comments.

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